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About the Therapist

What People are Saying...

About the Therapist

Aglow Pauls, LMP, MA 60270535

Aglow is a Licensed Massage Practitioner who graduated from Bellevue Massage School. Her speciality is deep tissue work. 

Every individual is different and their body is in need of specific body work. Each sessions is customized to meet those needs by integrating many modalities.  

A little bit about Aglow:
She is an avid nature lover. She enjoys hiking,river rafting,mountain biking, yoga, fitness training, and traveling in her spare time. 
 She worked as a nurse for 5 years and owned a private personal fitness training business for 2 years. Having been a past fitness competitor, she understands the body well and enjoys helping others have the best of health to fully enjoy living life actively. She is Reiki certified since 2009.

She is passionate about her work and loves to share it with others. She continues to constantly enhance her work with the newest techniques and modalities.


Mission Statement

What People are Saying...

About the Therapist

I believe that every aspect of a person; body, mind and spirit, can benefit from receiving massage therapy. My mission as a massage therapist is to treat every individual according to their specific needs. I am committed to my personal growth and continuing education as a massage therapist and to working together with my clients to promote their education and participation in this powerful self-healing process.My passion is to provide the bodywork needed in order to achieve the health and wellness that allows each individual to live their life to the fullest with no restrictions.


What People are Saying...

What People are Saying...

What People are Saying...

"I have had many massages over the years, Aglow was absolutely spot-on with her treatment of my stress areas! I feel great!! Have already scheduled my next appointment " --11/29/12

"She had more attention to detail than any massage therapist I've ever gone to. It was a good massage" --11/25/12

"First class! Professional, luxury, best massage! AAA!" --11/21/12

"Aglow did a great job! She spent every minute working around my sore back muscle, and it felt great afterwards.. I definitely would like to go back to get more massages!" --11/16/12

"One of the best massages ever!"--11/15/12

 "Aglow gives an amazing massage. Her office is very relaxing and inviting. She gives a great deep tissue massage. I am addicted. Highly recommend. She goes the extra mile on making sure you get the total massage and best of your session." --12/30/12  K. Thomas

"I gave this as a gift. I have not talked to my friend personally about her experience, but her facebook timeline says it was the best massage she has had in 20 years. She is definitely going back."--2/23/13

"Aglow is a fabulous massage therapist! Already have next massage booked"

"I've been having massages for at least the past 20 years and Aglow BY FAR is the best! She really hones in on the spots that need attention, while she works the stress out of my body. She's caring, compassionate, very thorough and an overall wonderful person. I cannot recommend her more highly! "--11/14/14

"Best massage out 10 years of going to different therapists! Has definitely found her calling. Has great techniques, knows exactly where I'm sore and is so in-tune with the body. I walk out feeling like I'm walking on clouds"--2/10/15

"My sessions with Aglow are like spiritual experience with the amazing health benefits"--2/13/18

Best massage ever! I'm hooked! without Aglow's work I think me and my wife would be using walkers already. Haha She keeps us going strong with our twice a month massages. You can tell she loves her work and her clients.